Recycling FAQ’s

Q: This month has 5 Wednesdays, who gets their recycling picked up on the 5th Wednesday?

A: We do not pick up Residential Recycling on the 5th Wednesday. Your recycling is either picked up on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday or the 2nd & 4th Wednesday.

Q: Are my old phone books or larger magazines recyclable?

A: Yes, Newsprint, computer, white ledger, brown paper shopping bags, glossy magazines, catalogs and phone books ½” or less can be accepted.

Q: What should I do if my magazines or phone books are larger than ½”?

A: If your magazine or phone book is larger than ½” you may rip the book or magazine in half and then it will be accepted.

Q: Is glass recyclable?

A: Glass jars such as mayonnaise, pickles, applesauce jars, etc. are not recyclable. Glass bottles such as pop, beer or wine with the Iowa $.05 maybe redeemed at the Can and Bottle Redemption Center.