Recycling Services

Recycling is picked up either on the 1st & 3rd or the 2nd & 4th Wednesday’s beginning at 6:00 AM. Some months have 5 Wednesdays but recycling is not picked up on the 5th Wednesday. If your recycling container is not out in time for collection, it will be picked up the following scheduled collection day.

We are here to help local businesses become more environmentally conscious. Recycling is important at the workplace as well as at home. Our commercial recycling service is available on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesdays for businesses in Sioux Center.

How to Recycle in Sioux Center

1. Please clean and rinse off all containers. Remove all labels from tin cans.

2. Plastics may be flattened to save space.

3. Keep all paper dry.

4. Please DO NOT flatten tin cans.

5. Cardboard may be dropped off at our location at anytime for no charge.

6. Return all beverage cans and bottles to the can redemption center for redemption or see our can program page.

7. No garbage or medical waste allowed in the container.

8. Please have recyclables curbside by 6:00am.

9. Container remains the property of the City of Sioux Center.